January 2017: Our submission was accepted into the Dubai government's 2017 hackathon.

provides quick-access monitoring and summarization data for any Ethereum address (or any group of addresses) including smart contracts. Our primary focus--after accuracy--is speed and interactivity. We accomplish these dual purposes by constantly 'slurping' the Ethereum blockchain using and preparing the data for presentation.

Given two publicly available pieces of information: (1) an Ethereum address, and (2) a copy of Solidity source code (if any), we generate the information we need to build customized, interactive, information-rich websites that anyone may use to gain insight into the address. We do this by first generating an ABI file from the source code. Given the ABI, we can parse each transaction and logged event against the address. (Note: this works for all Ethereum addresses--for smart contracts, of course, the amount of information available is significanly greater.)

During each "slurp," we perform operations (magic) on the data to extend it, coalesce it, summarize it, graph it, and basically knock some sense into it, until it is both highly-optimized and easily-presentable to anyone who wishes to view the information. No longer do we need to "fly blind" as we all did during .

Please note that our software is in early-alpha stage, so it is not yet possible for you to work with your own smart contracts; however, we've completed a few sample websites of the more notable Ethereum addresses here:

The DAO:


Ethereum Tip Jar:

http://etj.quickblocks.io (coming soon...)

MyEtherWallet Tip Jar:

http://mewtj.quickblocks.io (coming soon...)

If you are interested in our work, or would like to participate in our forthcoming beta, please send us an email.